Areas of competence

Intellectual property law

We have undertaken, ever since 2001, a pioneering role in the field of intellectual property. The efforts we made over more than 12 years of activity brought us both domestic and international recognition. We have solved numerous case successfully and we have accumulated unequalled experience. We are currently the best in solving intellectual property disputes. Our team provides specific legal services in all areas of intellectual property law: trademarks and geographical indications, industrial models and designs, patent law, copyright law. We have vast experience in the field of patent litigation in the pharmaceutical industry, where we have successfully solved a number of high profile cases. The rulings obtained in these cases had a significant contribution to establishing or changing the jurisprudence in the field. In the field of trademark and industrial models and designs protection, by partnering with the REACT International Anti-counterfeiting Association, we have been providing the members of the Association with the best services, both in anti-counterfeiting matters and other matters in the area of intellectual property rights, for over 10 years now.

Other areas

In addition to our work in the field of intellectual property, we provide to our clients legal assistance and representation in court for a wide range of cases in other legal areas: civil law, trade law, competition law, etc. Concurrently, we provide to our clients legal assistance and representation in criminal cases deriving from violations of intellectual property rights.